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新萄京娱乐 submission to the review of national security legislation – March 2024

This is 新萄京娱乐’s submission to the Intelligence and National Security Legislation Monitor’s review of secrecy offences in part 5.6 of the Criminal Code 1995 ...

Government must act to force Meta to pay for journalism

Meta’s announcement today that it will seek to avoid its obligations to pay Australian news outlets for their content is a damaging blow to the public’s right to be informed ...

Submission to the News Media Assistance Program consultation

Public interest journalism is critical for a well-functioning democracy ...

Global journalist unions call for US government to free Assange

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On the eve of a crucial court hearing in London, journalist unions around the world have joined forces to call for the United States to drop espionage charges against Julian Assange ...

Charges against Assange must be dropped

The United States Government should respect Australia’s wishes and drop the charges against Julian Assange before a court hearing begins next week, says Assange’s union ...

Submission to the Commonwealth inquiry into the COVID-19 response

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This submission has been made to the Commonwealth Government COVID-19 Response Inquiry, and focuses on financial support for individuals (including income support payments) in the media, entertainment and arts sectors. It concludes that the Australian Government’s response to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the arts and entertainment sectors ...

New chair must restore ABC’s reputation for independence 

The incoming chair of the ABC, Kim Williams, must immediately move to restore the reputation of the national broadcaster by addressing concerns about the impact of external pressures on editorial decision making.  ...

ABC staff ‘have lost confidence’ in managing director

Union members at the ABC have today passed a vote of no confidence in managing director David Anderson for failing to defend the integrity of the ABC and its staff from outside attacks ...
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